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Our initial slogan 30 years ago was “The Key to Iberian Boards”. We aspired to have the key to unlocking the door to the peninsula for many of the foreign companies that were becoming established in our country. Doors had metaphorical meaning for us. We haven't backed down over all these years from opening doors for our clients. How? By creating practical solutions and modular products and services that help companies to resolve their specific advising or management needs.

This isn't something generic, cold, indifferent, another commodity within the market of advising firms. When opening up each door, we try to ensure that a client's initial expectations about our products are exceeded. Sometimes we achieve this by working with the client shoulder to shoulder.



Information, management, and communication in a practical and complete tool. When and where it's needed
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Key Iberboard provides its clients with an on-line payroll solution in a web environment that is directed at the management of firms with medium or large staffs.

After reaching about 50 employees, the Human Resources departments of firms think about automating certain services that are provided to their personnel, so-called self-services. The tool for taking care of this is an Employee Portal. By contracting our innovative on-line payroll solution, clients can take advantage of access to a personalised Intranet: an Employee Portal that provides employees with an organised database.

From there, employees can consult their files, employment contracts, payroll data, labour certificates, and work schedule, and they can manage days off and holidays and other incidents with the company. The Employee Portal is complemented by an entire series of human resources modules: time management, training, travel expenses, hiring, performance evaluation, etc.



We study, advise for, and facilitate the tax planning of the exempt earnings of personnel for jobs performed abroad.

The methodology for providing this service is the following:

1. Key Iberboard conducts a review and prepares and signs an independent report about the applicability of Article 7P of the IRPF law [Personal Income Tax Law], thereby considering the business model and the contracts signed by a company that sends employees abroad and the foreign client or company of the group that receives the services.

2. The standard profiles of the employees and trips are reviewed, thereby indicating the applicability of Article 7P for each one.

3. The client is provided with a tool in Excel, whereby they send us the details of each trip, and the client is given an application through which files have to be uploaded, with copies of the travel and lodging receipts and invoices.

4. When the service starts to be provided, Key Iberboard holds timely group meetings with the affected employees to explain the law to them, explain the trips that would be subject to exemption, and explain the documentation to keep.

5. After calculating the amount of the exemption, the information is sent to the client's payroll managers.

6. We represent the client before the Tax Agency and the Economic-Administrative Court in claims that are based on this tax exemption.



Our suite of integrated BPO services is directed at saving management costs and administering foreign subsidiaries and branches.


Historically, we have provided services to all types of Spanish and foreign start-ups. The needs of these recently created firms are very different from other companies that have been working for some time and have more resources. Our solution for start-ups ranges from founding the company and setting up initial registration at our offices, to the start-up and recording processes before the corresponding public bodies. Rental of offices and meeting rooms; keeping the administration, billing, accounting, taxes, collections and payments: an integrated service at an adjusted price for the first year of existence.

Subsidiaries and branches

Our most well-known product, for foreign subsidiaries and branches established in Spain, is the Integrated BPO Suite of Services, which allows firms, in an integrated or modular manner, to cover the administrative processes that they have to outsource. Many of our clients enjoy considerable savings in management and administration costs thanks to the BPO suite of services. Without having their own structure or organisation in our country, they only have to hire or transfer sales personnel, technicians, or service personnel.

Representative offices and other non-resident entities

These services are for non-resident persons and entities that operate in Spain or provide services without becoming established, meaning without creating a subsidiary or branch. They are based on the trust of having a professional office with experts in all areas of law who can provide fiscal representation for clients regarding their tax and social security relations and obligations with Spanish authorities. They are provided with corporate tax domicile services when they need to have a tax domicile for notification purposes, and we provide them with our Qualified Electronic Address (DEH) or our electronic certificates for communications with the public administration.



From data auditing to data management software, our experts advise clients and keep them updated.

This solution is targeted at newly created SMEs that need to implement a complete internal policy of documentation about and compliance with the obligations set forth in the Personal Data Protection Law (LOPD). It is also designed for companies that do not have updated data protection policies.

Legal adaptation to the LOPD consists in:

  • Files.
  • Recording of files, including modifications and cancellations.
  • Contracts.
  • Confidentiality agreements with employees.
  • Drafting and revision of LOPD clauses.
  • Revision of contracts with suppliers and clients in order to adapt them to the LOPD.
  • Analysis of the information system to determine the level of protection and the risks.
  • Design of security measures in compliance with the law.
  • Preparation of the Security Document.
  • Free advising during the first year.
  • News and novelties. Legal action.
  • Access by clients to a computer tool that will allow them to manage the obligations, records, and documents that are required for data protection.


Our inpatriate management services take into account all aspects that involve a transfer of personnel to Spain: residence card, taxation, health coverage, social security, registrations, etc.

Key Iberboard takes care of all the legal aspects for planning on the arrival of an expatriate worker or executive in Spain. We are experts on matters related to foreign nationals and one of the top firms in Madrid according to the number of work and residence cards and permits processed each year. Expatriation also requires a study of the tax and social security situation of the transferred worker. Our integrated solution in this field contemplates the following services, for both a worker and their family.

Foreign Nationals

  • Obtaining the NIE (Foreign Resident ID Number) certificate.
  • Registration in the register of taxable persons of the AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency).
  • Certificate of registration of European citizens.
  • Residence and work authorisation for non-EU workers.
  • Residence authorisation for economically dependent relatives.
  • Registration in the municipal census.


  • Option for the inpatriates taxation scheme.
  • Tax equalisation.
  • Annual income and wealth statement, through either the IRPF (Personal Income Tax) or the Non-resident Income Tax.
  • Declaration of assets abroad.
  • Tax treaties to avoid double taxation.

Social Security

  • Attainment of the social security affiliation number.
  • Advising about the A1/E101 transfer certificates for social security (Europe and countries with a social security agreement with Spain).
  • European Health Card (TSE).