General Elections in Spain 2019 - Special Paid Leave

Employees who do not have a full day of rest on April 28 are entitled to the following paid leave within the working day:

a) Those who participate as voters. They have the right to a permit of up to 4 hours within the working day to exercise their right to vote, provided that the working day coincides with the opening hours of the electoral colleges.

Employees who, due to they are working away from her/his habitual residence or who have difficulty exercising this right on Election Day, may personally request certification of their registration in the census, as well as the sending of their vote by post mail, are also entitled to a 4 hour paid leave. The deadline for submission is 18/4/19 for the vote request and 24/4/2019 for the submission of the vote.

If the employee’s workday is reduced, these permits are reduced proportionally.

b) Those who have the condition of Presidents or Members of polling stations, and Auditors. They have the right to paid leave during the entire day of April 28, and to a reduction of their workday by 5 hours on April 29.

c) Those who have the status of representatives. They are entitled to paid leave throughout the voting day.

Members of polling stations, auditors and representatives who have to work the night shift of the immediately preceding day may request a change of shift to rest the night before the elections.

The leave is compensated by the salary that would have been paid if the employee had normally rendered her/his services to the employer. If the salary consists partly of a bonus or incentive, it has to be calculated on the average of the 6 months immediately preceding.

The exercise of these permits requires prior notice and justification. For these purposes, the presentation of a voting certificate or, as the case may be, the accreditation of the corresponding polling station serves as proof.

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